Niagara Sustainability Initiative

Niagara Sustainability InitiativeNiagara College has proudly partnered with the Niagara Sustainability Initiative, a local not-for-profit organization that is focused on improving environmental and economic performance by engaging the community to reduce carbon emissions, enhance sustainability and improve economic performance. NSI has a mandate that connects government, industry, community and academia to advance the environmental and economic performance in the Niagara Region. NSI is focused on bringing economic strength back to the Niagara Region through greening of local businesses and municipalities. NSI provides an opportunity for local organizations to capitalize on a changing consumer landscape – a consumer landscape that demands environmental responsibility. It is NSI’s goal to help the public and private sectors of the Niagara Region achieve this transformation to contribute to an environmentally and economically sustainable community.

As a partner of Niagara Sustainability Initiative, Niagara College reports annually on Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions as part of the Carbon Project. The Carbon Project is a voluntary program where partners of NSI commit voluntarily to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their carbon footprint. NSI is able to provide Niagara College with services, tools and networking opportunities with other partners in the Niagara Region on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

NSI hosts also internships for Niagara College students studying in the Environmental Management and Assessment, Post-Graduate program to gain valuable experience in a real world setting. NSI has also hired many Niagara College graduates, and continues to work closely in support of all sustainability goals.

Niagara College has been able to provide operational and utility based information for the past two years, and in return NSI has written an annual report. To review the annual reports see below:

NSI’s Evening of Recognition

Every year, Niagara Sustainability Initiative, hosts an Evening of Recognition to celebrate the sustainability efforts made by the local community members of their Carbon Project. Niagara College was a recipient of the Greatest Greenhouse Gas Reduction Award at the fourth annual EOR in May, 2015. Read more about Niagara College’s Awards and Recognition here.