Sustainability Committee Awarded Funding

The TD Friends of the Environment Foundation is able to support and fund numerous environmental projects and Niagara College has received approval. The Sustainability Committee was awarded funding in July 2013, to support engagement activities during the Sustainability Themed Year. This award will go towards purchasing some materials for informational displays, as well as prizes for participants in our Sustainability Challenges and other activities.

Destination College and Wonders of Waste

On May 27th and May 28th 2013, the Sustainability Committee participated in the Niagara College, Destination College event, providing a Wonders of Waste Workshop in one of the classrooms at the Glendale Campus. Students from Heximer, River View, KSD, Simcoe, Vanier, Power Glen, St. David and Hennepin Elementary Schools participated in a waste sorting activity, and waste management discussions focusing on landfill waste, recycling, composting and re-use materials. They all were very sharp about what waste goes in each sorting stream, and learned some valuable information on how to recycle waste in the Niagara Region.

Photos of Students Participating

Niagara College Facilities Management Services visits Earth Rangers

During the beginning of July, members from Facilities Management Services (FMS) at Niagara College visit Earth Rangers to learn about their sustainable building initiatives. The Earth Rangers Centre for Sustainable Technology is located in Woodbridge Ontario, and is regarded as one of the most efficient buildings in the world, using 90% less energy than similar buildings of size. The purpose of the trip was to learn about the initiatives that Earth Rangers has in place, and consider new opportunities for Niagara College.

Visit Earth Ranger’s Centre for Sustainable Technology here

Some photos of FMS at the Centre looking at their Solar Panels and Geothermal System

Environmental Management and Assessment Students Represent Niagara College

In April 2013, four Environmental Management and Assessment students at Niagara College were encouraged by their professor, Katie Altoft to submit a proposal to the Canadian Standards Association, addressing strategies to engage students in the world of standards. The four students include: Jen Hart, Crystal Vella, Gina Pannunzio and Hassan Fakih.

The four students were invited to present in Calgary during the week of June 16th, and were recognized as one of three finalists at their annual conference. To read more follow this link.

Students enjoying some time off in between the Conference and exploring the Rocky Mountains in AB