Volunteer Testimonials

Michael Bazyluk

Working and volunteering with the Office of Sustainability at Niagara College has allowed me to share ideas and solutions with fellow students, teachers and community members towards improving our environmental performance. The networking opportunities are endless as there is always something going on. The staff and volunteer coordinators are very committed, engaged and friendly. The Get Involved Portal kept me up-to-date on current events, seminars and volunteering opportunities offered by the Office of Sustainability and other Niagara College organizations on and off campus. Near the end of my studies, I had a comprehensive Co-Curricular Record that would prove to be advantageous in an interview and would later kick start my career. As a recent graduate from Niagara College, I know that time outside of the classroom is critical. The CCR validates and rewards your commitment and dedication towards personal development, community leadership and other areas for engagement. As with everything in life, and particularly student life, you get out what you put in.

Laura Hamstra

Volunteering with the Office of Sustainability at Niagara College elevated my academic experience to something above and beyond the classroom. I was able to find opportunities, using the Get Involved Portal, that not only let me contribute to my community, but rounded out my professional portfolio too. Working toward common goals with other students and local professionals in environmentally-oriented businesses helped build my confidence to go into job interviews knowing that I had real-world experiences to draw from.
Gina Pannunzio and Laura Hamstra

Andrew Menezes

Andrew M (3)
NC Sustainability and the Get Involved Portal have provided me with opportunities to not only learn about sustainability but also engage in local sustainable projects and improve my skills as an Environmental Technician. The Get Involved Portal has made it easy to find events and opportunities that interest me, and keep track of these experiences in order to produce a professional Co-Curricular Record which I can use for seeking meaningful employment. I am especially grateful for the opportunity to lead my own projects and take on the role of the Project Coordinator of the World Water Monitoring Challenge.In addition to myself, this provided students from many different backgrounds and disciplines with the opportunity to learn about surface water quality and the factors that effect it in their community, as well as how to effectively sample and analyze a variety of different types of water bodies. In this way students were not only able to develop and refine their sampling and analysis skills but also observe in person the connection between surface water quality and various land-use and watershed management practices. I am very satisfied with my experiences with NC Sustainability and the Get Involved Portal and am thrilled I could play a role in pushing the department to where it is today. I encourage all students to take advantage of the opportunities available to them through these initiative.

Krysten Bates

As a former student volunteer with the Niagara Environmental Corps, I helped promote and encourage participation in environmental initiatives at Niagara College. Volunteering to assist with various programs and events such as ‘Green Day’ and the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup helped me develop a diverse range of marketable skills (including leadership, event coordination, and communication, to name a few), and provided me with valuable professional connections that have served me well thus far as a young environmental professional. Niagara College’s ‘Get Involved’ portal made it easy to find new and exciting volunteer opportunities that were tailored to my interests and aspirations, and I used it frequently to help further enhance my Co-Curricular Record. In my current role working in the Environment Services Division of a medium-sized municipal government, I frequently apply the skills developed through my volunteer experiences at Niagara College. My employer has indicated that my strong Co-Curricular Record and involvement in environmentally-driven volunteer activities during my time at Niagara College played a significant role in my hiring with the organization, and I believe these experiences will continue to be highly beneficial in the future.
Krysten Bates

Kelsey Henry

Kelsey H 2
The Get Involved portal allowed me to differentiate myself as an aspiring environmental professional. During my 8-month post graduate studies I was able to volunteer for countless environment initiatives both on campus and within the greater Niagara community. I was able to network and connect with many individuals whether they were students like me, volunteers within the community or employees of environmental organizations. The Get Involved portal facilitated volunteering for many professional experiences within the environmental industry that I was able to add to my resume and ultimately stand out as a young adult entering the workforce.