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A Roller Coaster of Emotions

By: Katie Bristow – Student Sustainability Technician While travelling around the wetlands this spring, we came across an unusual sight. A Hooded Merganser was swimming around the lagoons with her ducklings. Upon closer inspection, the ducklings consisted of five Hooded Mergansers, and three (of what we thought at the time) Mallard Ducks! After a few […]

Learning Together!

By: Amber Schmucker, Noah Jones & Kaitlin Colbey The Office of Sustainability would like to welcome our newest co-op students Noah Jones and Kaitlin Colbey for the spring 2017 term! Noah and Kaitlin are both students in the new Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE) program at Niagara College. This program is available for students […]

Student Blog: Jon’s First Week

By: Jon Banninga – Student Sustainability Technician This week, starting Monday, I began working as the sustainability technician at the NOTL Campus with the office of sustainability, alongside Amber, Christine and Katie. Besides Monday, which was dedicated to generic training modules and seminars, this week has already begun with some major projects and a variety […]

Sustainability’s Secrets – Two

Shop quality and locally. I’m not going to lie to you, I was definitely trying to find a way to rhyme quality and locally there #FAIL. Anywho… I eluded to this point the Sustainability’s Secrets – One post; when giving a gift, shopping for quality items that are sourced locally is very a sustainable option. […]

Sustainability’s Secrets – One

Give the gift of time. Time is the most valuable and cheapest ($$$ wise) gift you can give, and coincidentally can be a very sustainable option. How you may ask? Well, lucky for you we’re not just in the business of secret telling, we’ve also found example giving to be very lucrative… *ATTENTION* DAD, stop […]