Learning [Balti]MORE about Sustainability @ AASHE 2016

Attending AASHE 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland was an experience I will forever be grateful for. The passion and excitement that these people shared over the weekend was motivating, inspiring and unforgettable. Main topics ranged from waste management, to student engagement, to community outreach and back to strategies for a greener campus. Participants came from a wide range of places with different climates, rules and regulations, student population sizes and more. Therefore, there was a wide range of innovative ideas being shared from many different perspectives.

The student summit was a great experience. Meeting with like-minded students of my age gave me hope that change could be made by myself and my peers. The student summit was also a great way to see what potential careers are out there, and gave me lots to think about regarding my future and what my plans are regarding future education such as a Masters degree, future employment and future projects. It truly opened doors as I met many people from all over North America, obtained their contact information, and made an impact on their lives. These people are my potential employers, co-workers, and like-minded individuals who I will work with for the rest of my life, sharing ideas and making the world a more sustainable place.

Overall, AASHE 2016 helped me learn, believe and create a better future. It got me excited about the future projects I can incorporate into my schooling at Niagara College, but even more so, how to implement sustainable practices into my own life and future careers I will be involved with. It got me thinking about my future, my present and my past, and how much my everyday actions impact so many people. I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned and spread the energy of the conference to everyone I encounter on a daily basis.


Christine Combe

Environmental Field and Lab Technician Student