Learning Together!

By: Amber Schmucker, Noah Jones & Kaitlin Colbey

The Office of Sustainability would like to welcome our newest co-op students Noah Jones and Kaitlin Colbey for the spring 2017 term! Noah and Kaitlin are both students in the new Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE) program at Niagara College. This program is available for students with developmental disabilities and other learning challenges, and has a large focus on providing these students with an inclusive college experience. We are so thrilled that the CICE program coordinator has allowed us to have Noah and Kaitlin participate in our department; we are learning far more from these students than what we can teach them. Over the past couple of weeks Noah and Kaitlin took an afternoon to write down some of their thoughts on their co-op experience so far, and have given us the go ahead to share their blog posts on the World Wide Web. Please take a moment to read Noah and Kaitlin’s posts, and if you see them out with our other students please stop and say hello! They are always happy to make new friends.

Noah Jones:

“For 2 weeks, I’ve been having many experiences in Sustainability where I got my co-op. I’ve been learning a lot of new things and understanding how to protect the environment and wildlife. So far we’ve been finding different types of plants and different species of animals, birds and insects. My favourite part of Sustainability was identifying different species of animals, including the red-back salamanders, and going into the lagoon for benthos (looking for bugs in the water).

I have been enjoying my co-op at the Office of Sustainability. I have been making lots of new friends and taking care of the environment. I hope to continue this co-op and to plan for my trip.”

Kaitlin Colbey:

“My first day of co-op I did the indoor tree inventory at the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus on the lower ground floor and the ground floor. Then I went outside to meet up with Katie, Jon, Noah and Christine to learn how to do water sampling, it was neat to learn. I am hoping this co-op goes well and I hope to become friends with everyone here, they are all really nice. I am also hoping I learn new skills doing this co-op. I am looking forward to seeing what other trees are around the school, trees are my favourite and I like looking at them and learning about them. Last, I went outside with Katie to check all the trail cameras and that was pretty interesting.”