Academic Assessment

The Office of Sustainability has undergone an inventory of the courses offered at Niagara College to evaluate which courses would  be considered as a “sustainability course”, “sustainability related course”, and which courses have “sustainability learning outcomes” (see link below for access to definitions). This inventory will provide valuable information to help build knowledge about where sustainability curriculum is already integrated and where future growth could take place to introduce students to sustainability concepts in the classroom. The inventory has been completed as part of the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) framework through our international partner AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Higher Education).

Some of the highlights of the completed inventory include:

  • 1,627 courses were evaluated in the inventory
  •  3% of courses are considered a “sustainability course”
  • 7% of courses are considered a “sustainability related course”
  • 9% of courses have a sustainability learning outcome
  • 56% of programs offered have at least one course with a sustainability learning outcome
  • 100% of Academic Divisions have at least one program offered with sustainability learning outcomes

To access the complete inventory please click Academic Assessment – STARS Version. For more information on the STARS Academic Assessment credit, including definitions, please click here.