Academic Project Inventory

Niagara College aspires to become a recognized leader in supporting sustainable development in Niagara, and the Region’s effort to become Canada’s green capital.  Our regional partnerships include applied research projects with businesses, community partners and local levels of government.   These projects frequently involve both course based research as well as funded research projects for which students are retained as research assistants. As part of the students’ learning, environmental projects are designed to provide students with real life experience and promote global citizens.

Academic Sustainability Projects

  • The Environmental Management and Assessment students will continue to work with Niagara College staff to complete annual waste audits, carbon audits and environmental management system audits as well as communication and public relations plans for sustainability initiatives
  • A new opportunity has been established with Niagara Research, the Office of Sustainability and the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program to provide an opportunity for students to develop various public relations, media and communications plans
  • Every year, the  Office of Sustainability hosts  Interns  from  the  Environmental Management and Assessment program to work on a variety of corporate sustainability projects. This year, the Interns focused on a life cycle assessment of some of the wine products generated at the Wine Visitor and Education Centre, support for International students looking to engage in sustainability initiatives and an alternative transportation demand management program for Niagara College
  • Renewable Energy Technician students are working with the Sustainability Committee to complete energy audits on various buildings at Niagara College
  • Journalism students are consistently writing sustainability and environmental articles throughout the year for Niagara News. These news articles can be found on our News page
  • Broadcasting, Radio, Television and Film students produced a Niagara College sustainability video in March 2014 as a capstone project for one of their courses
  • Horticulture and Landscape students created sustainable landscape strategies and plans for both the Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus as well as care and maintain all on campus plants including the Green Wall at the Welland Campus
  • Environmental Technician students take advantage of the wetlands and natural landscape to perform in-lab and outdoor monitoring exercises
  • Students at the Welland Campus who require an elective course, can participate in the ENVR1198 Global Environmental Change class.
  • Each year, the Office of Sustainability hosts several co-op students from the Environmental-Technician and Horticultural Technician programs as well as the Electrician Engineering Technician program. These students gain real world experience by participating in a number of valuable projects throughout the spring and summer months.