Embedded Energy Manager

In 2012, Niagara College received a grant from the Ontario Power Authority (now IESO) to hire an Embedded Energy Manager (EEM) on a contract until December 31, 2014. The OPA will fund 80% of the Embedded Energy Manager’s annual salary and 80% of the expenses related to the position.

The EEM is responsible for implementing measurable and verifiable electricity reductions at Niagara College. The targets includes a 300kW demand reduction per year as well as the equivalent of a 10% kWh electricity consumption reduction per year. Receiving the final grant is conditional on the Embedded Energy Manager reaching these targets.

The Embedded Energy Manager has other commitments to Niagara College as well as the OPA including quartly reporting, a formal energy management plan, reduction strategies and engagement strategies. The EEM is also required to complete a series of  energy management-related training programs including the completion of the Certified Energy Manager certification and the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional Training program.

Energy Manager Excellence Award

Niagara College’s Embedded Energy Manager was recognized for the greatest percentage load saved among all embedded energy managers in Ontario. Facilities Management Services, Danielle Piluso has instituted operational changes such as optimizing HVAC systems utilizing the building automation system and LED light replacements that have saved more than 2.3 million Kilowatt Hours per year – which amounts to an annual savings of $300,000.

For more information about the program, please visit the Save on Energy website.

Welland Hydro – Case Study of Niagara College

Please watch this fun video developed by Welland Hydro to learn more about ways Niagara College was able to conserve energy!