Waste Projects

About Waste Diversion

As waste diversion is recognized as one of the five sustainability targets for Niagara College, it is very important to provide students, staff and visitors the proper information about where the waste goes! Here are some frequently asked questions the Sustainability Committee is happy to answer. For information about what is acceptable and not acceptable […]

Bulb Eater

The bulb eater crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any size into 100% recyclable material and also removes virtually all mercury vapor from the lamps. The system is mounted to a 55-gallon container and can hold up to 1,350 fluorescent lamps and 3,000 compact fluorescent lamps. The three stage filtering process removes hazardous particulates and gases […]

Waste Audits

The Pollution Prevention students studying in the Environmental Management and Assessment program conduct annual waste audits for Niagara College to be in compliance with Ontario Regulation 102/94 and 103/94. Our yearly waste audit reports can be found on the Reporting page. Niagara College’s Waste Audit 2015

Waste Receptacles

New waste receptacles were delivered in January 2013 which is helping to expand our waste management program at Niagara College. The new bins feature four compartments including general waste, paper recycling, co-mingled recycling and composting. The bins also feature signs above each compartment that will help staff and students identify what items can be placed […]