The Office of Sustainability has the responsibility to track the progress of the initiatives on campus, and report the results to our stakeholders. There are various levels that we report into including:

Voluntary Reporting

Please visit the Partnership webpages for our voluntary reporting requirements using the links below:

Legislative Reporting

Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work Plans O. Reg. 102/94

Under this regulation, those that meet the reporting threshold must include, to the extent that is reasonable, plans to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and shall set out who will implement each part of the plan, when each part will be implemented and what the expected results are. For Niagara College, this process began in 2009, and has contributed to the on-going reporting to the Ministry of Environment for Niagara College.

Green Energy Act O. Reg. 397/11

Institutions reporting under Ontario Regulation 397/11 will be able to provide meaningful information to the Ministry of Energy about the way energy is being utilized. This information can help the MOE to benchmark Ontario institutions, make comparisons and develop conservation initiatives Broader Public Sector Organizations can adopt. Organizations are required to report on their electricity, propane, fuel oil, natural gas and district energy use.


Niagara College’s Submission