Sustainability’s Secrets – One

Give the gift of time.

Time is the most valuable and cheapest ($$$ wise) gift you can give, and coincidentally can be a very sustainable option. How you may ask? Well, lucky for you we’re not just in the business of secret telling, we’ve also found example giving to be very lucrative…

*ATTENTION* DAD, stop reading right now or the jig is up on your Christmas present.

That was a joke, there’s NO WAY my Dad can use a computer well enough to find this post (don’t worry, I’m rolling my eyes at me too). With that out of the way, this is actually what myself and my siblings are gifting to our daddio this holiday season – the gift of time with us.

A little background: my dad LOVES sports, especially football and hockey. All my immediate family members are a bunch of Toronto Maple Leafs fans (hey now, remember what I said about this being a safe place), and it would be great to go to a game, but that’s just not realistic for us as the games are mucho $$$. So we thought, why not do something; 1. cheaper and 2. local. Now full disclosure here, I am the only environmentalist in my family, I’ve done as much converting as I can do but when I get to GHG impacts their eyes glaze over, BUT they do often get on board with local food and drink, so I decided to work that angle with my bros when broaching the topic of Dad’s Christmas present. So, now you’re like “okay just tell me what you’re getting him, Jeez Louise!”. FINE.

We decided that we would give our Dad the gift of time by way of spending a whole day with him doing fun local things with a reasonable price tag. We’ll start out the day by touring local breweries (first stop, Niagara College’s Teaching Brewery, duh!), stop back at my place for a delicious lunch made by yours truly, and then to throw in a “good ol’ hockey game” into the mix we’ll finish off our evening at a Niagara Ice Dog’s game.

By staying and shopping local we are reducing the negative impacts of human and food transportation, and by not buying him a tangible gift item we’re not giving him something that is likely to not get used and end up in a landfill somewhere in the foreseeable future.  The total cost of this gift for each one of my siblings will be around $30.00 – $40.00 (tickets = $15 each, food and drink = ~ $20 each), and I know my Dad is going to LOVE it. Not to mention it’s just going to be a fun day out with everyone. A gift like this is also very transferable to anyone on your list; a significant other, a good friend, a sibling that you really like, even your grandparents. Yes, the Niagara Ice Dog’s might not be our beloved Leafs, but it’s good hockey and what really matters is that we’re spending time together.

This gift definitely checks all the boxes: reasonably price √, thoughtful √, AWESOME (if I do say so myself) √, sustainable √. We would love to hear more about how you’re giving the very environmentally friendly gift of time this holiday season, connect with us on social media to share your gifting secrets.

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